Commented Articles

calander11 June 2021
Article: Management of stable ischaemic heart disease: an overview
Reviewed by: D. Beard
Authors: Radaideh Q, Shammas NW, Daher GE, et al
Published in: Int J Angiol 2021
Comment: This article by Q. Radaideh et al. (Midwest Cardiovascular Research Foundation,USA) reviews the evidence medical …
calander11 June 2021
Article: What Is the Role of Assessing Ischemia to Optimize Therapy and Outcomes for Patients with Stable Angina and Non-obstructed Coronary Arteries?
Reviewed by: G. Bozet, MD
Authors: Berry C, Morrow AJ, Marzilli M, et al
Published in: Cardiovasc Drugs Ther 2021
Comment: In this review, C. Berry et al. (British Heart Foundation, Glasgow, UK) consider the definitions of angina …
calander31 May 2021
Article: Meta-analysis of elective coronary revascularisation vs. medical therapy alone
Comment: E. Navarese et al. (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland) presented the results of a new meta-analysis of …
calander31 May 2021
Article: Cardiac rehabilitation: frailty and coronary syndromes
Reviewed by: by D. Beard
Authors: Giallauria F, Di Lorenzo A, Venturini E, et al.
Published in: J Clin Med 2021;10
Comment: Frailty and CVD in the elderly share pathophysiological mechanisms and associated conditions, such as malnutrition, sarcopenia…
calander17 May 2021
Article: PET: the non-invasive gold standard for myocardial blood flow
Reviewed by: by G. Bozet, MD
Authors: Pelletier-Galarneau M, Dilsizian V
Published in: Curr Cardiol Rep 2020
Comment: the diagnosis of microvascular disease can be challenging for clinicians. It is an important cause of chest pain, especially In…
calander17 May 2021
Article: Cardioprotection in perspective
Reviewed by: by D. Beard
Author: Heusch G
Published in: Nat Rev Cardiol 2020
Comment: Despite the increasing use, better logistics and improved methodology of interventional approaches for coronary reperfusion…
calander27 April 2021
Article: Perspective from Japan: aortic stiffness may cause CMD in patients with non-obstructive CAD
Reviewed by: by G. Bozet, MD
Authors: Muroya T et al.
Published in: Intern Med 2020
Comment: It Is known from several studies that coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD) is an independent predictor of future adverse…
calander29 March 2021
Article: Consensus document – The diamond approach to personalised treatment of angina
Reviewed by: by G. Bozet, MD
Authors: Ferrari R, Camici PG, Crea F, et al.
Published in: Nat Rev Cardiol 2018
Comment: The management of chronic stable angina encompasses lifestyle modification, control of risk factors for coronary artery disease…
calander29 March 2021
Article: Case discussion- physically active man with stable CAD
Reviewed by: D. Beard
Authors: Boden WE, Mancini GBJ
Published in: Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2020
Comment: In this clinical discussion, WE Boden and GBJ Mancini, describe a clinical scenario of a physically active man with stable Coronary Artery Disease…
calander23 March 2021
Article: Health status after conservative care in CAD and advanced kidney disease
Reviewed by: G. Bozet, MD
Authors: Spertus JA, Jones PG, Maron DJ, et al.
Published in: N Engl J Med 2020
Comment: In the ISCHEMIA trial, an invasive strategy with angiographic assessment and revascularization did not reduce clinical events…